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Creative Power Award – Ma’s House!

We are so honored to have received the Creative Power Award from!

You can see more about this award and other recipients here:

Jeremy Dennis, USA

My grandmother, Princess Silva Arrow of the Shinnecock Indian Nation, was affectionately called “Ma” by her children and grandchildren. My idea is to restore her home and turn it into an artist residency for BIPOC artists internationally, and a communal art space and mini museum. 

She passed away in 1998 when I was 8 years old. We still call the home where we lived with her “Ma’s House”, and it was always filled with so much love and warmth. When she was young, Ma held mini-powwows with the whole family and other tribe members dancing and singing in our traditional regalia at the house. People from everywhere would visit and partake in viewing Native craftwork, handmade beadwork, and enjoy pony rides, archery, as well as eat traditional Indian corn, cooked in the earth layered under seaweed.

Ma had always wanted her house to be an educational museum space, a safe haven for all, and a place where arts and culture bring people together. As Ma’s youngest grandchild, I’m determined to uphold my grandmother’s wishes. I believe that “Ma’s House” can provide this space for BIPOC artists and all people who support and uphold moral values for equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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