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Save the Shinnecock Monuments: Ma’s House Post Cards to the Governor Event

We are coming together (via Zoom) this Saturday, February the 13th at 6:00 pm to design and write postcards to Governor Cuomo’s Office to demand he stops the economic

harassment of the Shinnecock Nation.

On the one hour zoom, we will share a brief background behind the monument, answer any questions, and create postcards together to demand NYS and the DOT to stand down!


New York Department of Transportation has threatened to destroy Shinnecock Indian Nation’s Monuments along Sunrise Highway on February 28th, 2021.

The Shinnecock Monument is an economic development project launched in early May 2019. The Shinnecock Nation’s goal with this project is to generate revenue to provide for its people. Being a sovereign nation, The Shinnecock Nation maintains the right to build on its land and pursue commerce free from civil regulatory restrictions improperly imposed by New York State.

At every turn, the economic development of the Nation has been strangled by the State but the Monuments are more than just vehicles for generating desperately needed revenue. They serve as a powerful reminder that the Shinnecock People still occupy their ancestral lands despite centuries of racial and economic oppression by the State. The DOT’s latest threat serves as just one example of the mistreatment the Nation has suffered at the hands of the State.


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