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July 2022

Shinnecock artists have been giving the world creative energy for centuries. The old ones created beautiful pieces from gifts of the Earth. Wampum carvings from quahog shells, paintings on buckskin from dye made of berries, and baskets woven from birch and other flora. In the 1950s, David Martine Bunn was famed for his ability to carve beautiful, lifelike duck decoys. Today, some of our artists include citizen… Read More »Shinnecock Voices: Ma’s House – a Safe Place to Create – Dan’s Papers

Shinnecock Voices: Ma’s House – a Safe Place to Create – Dan’s Papers

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Please join us in welcoming July resident artist Alma Leppla! Alma Leppla (they/she) is a mixed-race, queer, Latine, visual artist and educator whose work seeks to build community by celebrating intersectional identities. Alma is based in San Francisco but grew up in Tampa with their Cuban family. They currently serve as the Latinx Teaching Artist Fellow and Studio Artist Board Representative for Root Division.… Read More »Alma Leppla – July 2022

Alma Leppla – July 2022

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Please join us in welcoming July 2022 Artist in Residence Simone Johnson! Simone Johnson (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, and cultural worker mostly making work about/with water. She was born in Denver, Colorado, moved to New York City at the age of 12, grew up in Staten Island, and currently finds herself back in the southwest, where she is researching water and spacetimes/temporality in… Read More »Simone Johnson – July 2022

Simone Johnson – July 2022

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