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February 2023

Ma’s House will present “Beyond Grief: Snapshots of Life After Loss,” in collaboration with Luna Peak Foundation. The show went on view February 4 and runs through March 25. Through portraits, mementos, stories and advice, “Beyond Grief” explores how a diverse array of grievers navigate and rebuild after a life-changing loss. This exhibition will feature portrait photography and personal stories from grievers as well as… Read More »Ma’s House Offers an Exhibition on Loss – 27East

Ma’s House Offers an Exhibition on Loss – 27East

Please join us in welcoming February resident artist Stephen Longoria @steponhen ! As a printmaker and muralist, Stephen is drawn to these mediums’ expressive and rebellious nature. Printmaking allows him to experiment with different techniques and materials, and he enjoys creating multiple versions of a single image through print runs. On the other hand, Murals offer a sense of immediacy and impermanence that Stephen finds exciting. Both… Read More »Stephen Longoria – February 2023

Stephen Longoria – February 2023

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