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JJ McDonald – March 2023

Please join us in welcoming current resident artist JJ McDonald! @sprklngwater ! Jamelda J. McDonald is an interdisciplinary artist born in the southern United States. They earned a BFA in art video from Syracuse University, and their practice is based on video, poetry, and assemblage. Through these modes, they attempt to archive memories and sensations. Visual degradation, digital content appropriated hundreds of thousands of times, and dissonance between sound and image are the sutures used to connect collective and individual experiences. “Self-expression as a multitude of voices” is the heart of their practice.

JJ has spent years volunteering for underserved artists with organizations like 8 Ball Community & Activation Residency. In 2020 McDonald fundraised over $27,000 for Black NYC residents through their reparations project Deep Waters Community Pool. They have a blog discussing their art practice, travel, food, and journey toward self-employment.

JJ hopes to use their time at Ma’s house to harness energy and ideas to preserve their ancestral artwork.

Please stay tuned for JJ’s workshop announcement on March 10th at 6 pm!

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