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Komikka Patton – April 2023

Please join us in welcoming April resident artist Komikka Patton! @komikka_the_seed Her work features pen and ink collaged moments, scenes, and possibilities, meeting at an equilibrium of contentment, deep understanding, acceptance, and a welcoming into the Abyss. Komikka’s paper works depict the art of constantly becoming, Beginnings, and Endings. On closer introspection, the work transitions to a moment in time, a moment of action, a split-second occurrence of surrendering to the unknown, experiencing, and as a consequence gaining more clarity about what once was unseen within herself and beyond; through the lens of self-discovery, Quantum, and Metaphysical spaces.

Please join us TOMORROW at 6pm in Bridgehampton for a collage workshop led by Komikka. You can register on our website here:

Becoming – Workshop with artist Komikka Patton at Bridgehampton Museum | Upon This Ground

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