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The Conclusion of Ma’s House’s CRNY Artist Employment Program

After an incredible two years, Ma’s House is wrapping up the Creatives Rebuild New York Artist Employment Program. From June 2022 to June 2024, our dedicated team—Denise Silva-Dennis (Workshop Coordinator), Brianna L Hernández (Curator), Hunter Begun (Production), and Jeremy Dennis (Residency Coordinator)—have worked tirelessly and passionately to make Ma’s House what it is today.

We are excited about the next phase of Ma’s House and are actively pursuing new forms of sustainability to continue our mission and fundraise towards renewing our staff and operations.

Join us for a special celebration on Saturday, June 29th, from 5 – 7 pm at Ma’s House! In addition to Michael A. Butler’s closing reception, we will honor the incredible work and accomplishments of our four amazing staff members. Let’s come together to celebrate and look forward to the exciting future ahead!

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