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Please join us in welcoming June resident artist offering rain (b. Melika Davé, 1996)! Melika is a multi-talented artist of Gujarati & Ecuadorian heritage. Born and bred in the heart of New York City and with roots stretching across continents, offering rain draws from their diverse background to craft vibrant, poly-cultural soundscapes and images that aim to refresh the world like raindrops. Their previous work… Read More »Melika Dave (Offering Rain)

Melika Dave (Offering Rain)

Please join us in welcoming May resident artist Marisa de la Peña! Marisa is an artist, researcher, and recent graduate from the MFA Art program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her current work revolves around the role of horror in art and media and its power to subvert settler colonialism. From reappropriating the tropes that have rendered Indigeneity invisible historically in horror, she… Read More »Marisa de la Peña – May 2024

Marisa de la Peña – May 2024

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Please join us in welcoming April Ma’s House resident artist Isabel Vazquez! Isabel is a vocalist/composer/producer, born and raised in New York. Her heritage comprises Indigenous Californian/Mexican (Desert Cahuilla and Nahua/Chicano) on her father’s side and Italian on her mother’s side. Beginning her musical journey as a young adult, she sought solace from traumas such as homelessness and domestic violence. Having completed a degree in… Read More »Isabel Vazquez – April 2024

Isabel Vazquez – April 2024

Please join us in welcoming Ma’s House resident artist Josie Licavoli! Josie is a multimedia artist and educator from the Bay Area and explores diverse cultural identities, drawing from her mixed-race heritage. Inspired by San Francisco, the California coast, and various art forms such as music and literature, her work delves into human experiences, merging personal introspection with collective knowledge. Josie’s art bridges private and… Read More »Josie Licavoli – March 2024

Josie Licavoli – March 2024

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Please join us in welcoming March 2024 resident artist Ruby Que! Ruby is the first ever Ma’s House resident artist staying at “The Cottage” as part of our partnership program ‘Nourishing Reciprocity’ with artists Hope Sandrow and Ulf Skogsbergh to whom we are grateful for allowing us to expand our capacity. Ruby Que is an installation artist primarily engaging with video, sculpture, writing and performance.… Read More »Ruby Que – March 2024

Ruby Que – March 2024

Kindall Gant (she/they) is a Black femme poet and New Orleans native based in Brooklyn. She experiments with visual storytelling as liberation through themes of home, heritage and history, bringing poems into conversation with expressive forms like film, visual art, music and photography. They have received support from Cave Canem, the Poetry Foundation, MASS MoCA, the Saltonstall Foundation, and the Watering Hole among other arts… Read More »Kindall Gant – March 2024

Kindall Gant – March 2024

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Please join us in welcoming February Ma’s House resident artist Simón Vega in partnership with the Parrish Art Museum. Vega will create new work at Ma’s House during his residency for his upcoming exhibit ‘Tropical Space Castaways’ at the Parrish Art Museum with a Member Preview on February 24th from 11 am – 1 pm. Vega creates drawings, objects, sculptural installations, and happenings inspired by… Read More »Simón Vega – February 2024

Simón Vega – February 2024

Please join us in welcoming January resident artist Anangookwe Wolf! Anangookwe (born 1996) is an enrolled member of the Lac Courte Oreilles band of Lake Superior Chippewa, Fort Peck Assiniboine, and Dakota descent. They utilize forms of craft and storytelling to interweave familial narratives concerning cultural inheritance and present-day afflictions. Their focus is to create a visual story of the interpersonal lives of those they’ve… Read More »Anangookwe Wolf – January 2024

Anangookwe Wolf – January 2024

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