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Resident Artists

Please join us in welcoming April resident artist Komikka Patton! @komikka_the_seed Her work features pen and ink collaged moments, scenes, and possibilities, meeting at an equilibrium of contentment, deep understanding, acceptance, and a welcoming into the Abyss. Komikka’s paper works depict the art of constantly becoming, Beginnings, and Endings. On closer introspection, the work transitions to a moment in time, a moment of action, a split-second occurrence… Read More »Komikka Patton – April 2023

Komikka Patton – April 2023

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Please join us in welcoming March 2023 resident artist Leah Victoria! @_holy_people Leah is a narrative artist and musician from Long Island, NYC, and Azuay, Ecuador. She writes and records music as Holy People, among other collaborative sound and performance-based projects. Leah’s practice is influenced by their connection to home, land, and ancestral memory. Please RSVP and join us this SUNDAY at 2:30 pm for… Read More »Leah Victoria – March 2023

Leah Victoria – March 2023

Please join us in welcoming current resident artist JJ McDonald! @sprklngwater ! Jamelda J. McDonald is an interdisciplinary artist born in the southern United States. They earned a BFA in art video from Syracuse University, and their practice is based on video, poetry, and assemblage. Through these modes, they attempt to archive memories and sensations. Visual degradation, digital content appropriated hundreds of thousands of times, and dissonance between sound and image are the sutures used to connect collective and individual experiences. “Self-expression as a multitude of voices” is the heart of their practice.

JJ McDonald – March 2023

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Please join us in welcoming February resident artist Stephen Longoria @steponhen ! As a printmaker and muralist, Stephen is drawn to these mediums’ expressive and rebellious nature. Printmaking allows him to experiment with different techniques and materials, and he enjoys creating multiple versions of a single image through print runs. On the other hand, Murals offer a sense of immediacy and impermanence that Stephen finds exciting. Both… Read More »Stephen Longoria – February 2023

Stephen Longoria – February 2023

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  Please join us in welcoming January resident artist Jaleeca R. Yancy! Jaleeca is a multi-disciplinary artist developing an abstract visual language rooted in experimentation, imagination, and sustainability practices. From Memphis, Tennessee, she currently lives and works in New York. She graduated from Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN, with a dual major in marketing and graphic design. After working as an in-house designer for multiple… Read More »Jaleeca Yancy – January 2023

Jaleeca Yancy – January 2023

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  Please join us in welcoming current resident artist Brandon Sward! @brandonsward Brandon Sward is an artist, writer, and doctoral candidate at the University of Chicago. He has been a Pushcart Prize nominee, quarterfinalist for the VanderMey Nonfiction Prize, shortlisted for Disquiet International’s Literary Prize, and an honorable mention and finalist for the New Millennium Writing Awards. He’s won residencies at Alternative Worksite, Byrdcliffe, the… Read More »Brandon Sward – December 2022

Brandon Sward – December 2022

Demarcus McGaughey, a Texas native, and New York-based mixed media artist, passionately captures the beauty, strength, and vibrancy of people of color. Inspired by his mother as a child, he sharpened his artistic talents by coloring within the lines of her tracings. Eventually, he tapped into his storehouse of magic that pushed him to color outside the lines and chart an artistic path of his… Read More »Demarcus McGaughey – October 2022

Demarcus McGaughey – October 2022

Koyoltzintli is an interdisciplinary artist, a healer and educator. She grew up on the coast of Ecuador and the Andes, geographies that permeate in her work. She focuses on geo poetics, ancestral technologies, ritual and storytelling through collaborative practices and personal narratives. Intersectional theories, and earth-based healing informs her work. Nominated for Prix Pictet in 2019, her work has been exhibited in the National Portrait… Read More »Koyoltzintli – October 2022

Koyoltzintli – October 2022

Please join us in welcoming September Ma’s House resident artist Aima Paule @aimathedrmr ! Aima is a Oakland, CA based multimedia artist in music, installation art, graphic art, videos, and poetry. Aima is deeply inspired by survival and “thrival” techniques through artistic commentary and expression that they, themself, and their community use to navigate systems of oppression. Aima’s art is also inspired by how we… Read More »Aima Paule

Aima Paule

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Please join us in welcoming August 2022 resident artist Sonomi Kobayashi! @sonomikobayashi Please stay tuned for upcoming public programming with Sonomi including a hands-on workshop at Ma’s House. Born and raised in Japan, Sonomi Kobayashi is a New York-based artist, art educator, and independent curator interested in science, physics, stars, nature, and spirituality. Currently working out of Bushwick, Brooklyn, she has been an artist-in-residence at MASS MoCA,… Read More »Sonomi Kobayashi – August 2022

Sonomi Kobayashi – August 2022

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