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Jacoub Reyes – December 2021

  Jacoub Reyes is a printmaker and installation artist based out of Orlando, Florida. Intrigued by the ethos of grit and hard work of Southern artists, Reyes went on to study under Ke Francis, co-founder of Hoopsnake Press. Inspired by this mentorship, Reyes now finds and makes materials and tools to use in his practice. He carves detailed large-scale allegorical woodcuts based on the acculturation of the Caribbean. Reyes finds that using religious and mythological archetypes create visual tropes that parallel the experiences of BIPOC. This transformation of found wood and materials shed light on social issues. The salvaging of discarded materials mirrors how he reimagines a system that instills value to those cast aside: BIPOC. He believes that to move forward, we must examine what our black and brown ancestors did to survive and flourish.   From the sides of forgotten buildings to interactive handmade structures, Reyes’ installation work incorporates sound recordings, prints, and video elements that meld personal histories with global shifts. Reyes works to bridge the gap that connects our present and past by applying this history with the hope of preventing historic recurrences. His work, built from found objects, holds and preserves history that audiences can experience firsthand. His installation work offers a place where one can use an emphatic approach to observe the environment, location, climate, and architecture, to realize these pieces matter and are central to how the art is displayed and viewed.    

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