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El Salvador – Concha by Kimi Rodriguez de Picerno


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About the work

The artist’s series is a testament to her journey of self-discovery and reconnection with her roots of El Salvador identity counter to the American assimilation of culture. It’s a visual narrative of cherished memories of driving the country with her parents, meeting her indigenous great aunt in El Salvador, and her ongoing efforts to maintain ties with her siblings who still live abroad. The art serves as a constant reminder of her homeland, keeping its image vivid in her mind. Her work is a bold act of resistance against assimilation, a tribute to the land and people that are an integral part of her identity. The immigrant narrative often demands a sacrifice of one’s identity to conform to the American way of life, but this artist courageously defies that expectation. Migration may force us to leave our homes, but through her art, she demonstrates that home is not just a place, but a feeling we carry within us. Her work is a powerful statement that we don’t have to erase our past to fit into a new narrative but can embrace and honor it instead.

Kimi Rodriguez de Picerno, born to immigrant parents from El Salvador, a Central American nation, has harnessed the power of art to articulate her personal journey through assimilation and cultural disorientation. As a child in the predominantly white region of eastern Long Island, she grappled with her identity as a first- generation American, born and raised in the Hamptons of New York.

As an adult, her artwork serves as a bridge, reconnecting her to her ancestral land and culture. It’s a visual exploration of her journey back to her roots, a testament to her resilience in the face of the harsh realities of forced migration. Her existence in the United States is a result of this forced migration, a reality she confronts in her work, highlighting the physical and emotional distances that continue to separate her from her homeland. Her art is a poignant reminder of the miles of land and sea that stand between her and her origins.

Instagram: @kimi_imi_art

Artwork: El Salvador – Concha, by Kimi Rodriguez de Picerno
9 x 9 inches Digital Drawing

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