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Healing Vest with various medicine by Marisa de la Peña

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About the work

Healing Vest is an ongoing body of work that focuses on the application of medicine pieces to the body as a way of calling in and reclaiming the desire to heal. Medicine pieces are applied to the vest in needs to ongoing healing. Each piece is hand crafted and beaded and contains either a medicine bundle, milagro or prayer to action. Healing work is some of the oldest connections we have to a pre-colonial existence, but in a contemporary setting it feels like a luxury. Since the pandemic, I have seen the desire of my own and my community to overall heal and build spaces for healing. My hopes is that with the viewer or wearer, is that they see in themselves where they might need to tend to their needs and what those steps to reclamation might look like.

Marisa de la Peña (Xicane/Yoeme) is an artist, researcher, and graduate from the MFA Art program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her current work revolves around the role of horror in art and media and its power to subvert settler colonialism. From reappropriating the tropes that have rendered Indigeneity invisible historically in horror, she engages Xicane and Yoeme methods of storytelling by creating edible sculptures and wearables based on conversations around dispossession and consumption. Her work has been published and featured by Cake Zine, Taschen Books, Harper Collins, UO and DC Shoes.

Artwork: Healing Vest with various medicine, by Marisa de la Peña
18 x 22 inches Cotton, Silver plated brass

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