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KELP by Stephen Longoria


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About the work

As a printmaker and muralist, Stephen is drawn to these mediums’ expressive and rebellious nature. Printmaking allows him to experiment with different techniques and materials, and he enjoys creating multiple versions of a single image through print runs. On the other hand, Murals offer a sense of immediacy and impermanence that Stephen finds exciting. Both of these mediums allow me to make art that is accessible to a broad audience, whether it be through exhibitions or the public display of Graff work. In his art, he draws upon the history of printmaking and graffiti to explore themes of identity, culture, and sometimes even social justice. His work often reflects the vibrant and diverse subcultures within these mediums. He is particularly interested in how they can be tools to communicate with a group of people from lesser-known communities in the art world. Through his prints and murals/graff work, he can create a space for dialogue and reflection on the subjects and how they play a role in the community. He hopes his art will inspire others to create fun, unique characters and how they would live in the perspective area.

Stephen was a resident artist at Ma’s House in February, 2023.

Artwork: KELP, 2023 by Stephen Longoria
24 x 24 inches Tempera paint on wood panel

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