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Luna y Sol by Sueey Gutierrez


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About the work

In her exploration of the theme of Reclamation, the artwork Luna y Sol by Sueey Gutierrez delves into the celestial dynamics of Ixchel and Itzamna, drawing from mythological narratives of compromise, liberation, and resilience amid the dusk and dawn. Symbolizing the transition from night to day, the piece embodies the intricate interplay between the Maya deities Ixchel (Moon) and Itzamna (Sun). As Ixchel ascends to the heavens to reunite with Itzamna, she confronts his possessive and fiery nature. Their agreement to meet during the transitional moments between day and night emphasizes their commitment to maintaining harmony, ensuring equilibrium between their realms and their marriage. This artwork reflects the theme of Reclamation by empowering and revisiting essential narratives of agency.

Sueey Gutierrez is a New York-based artist of Salvadoran-Maya heritage. Her vibrant work explores the complexities of identity, culture, and memory through her dynamic artworks that blend elements of traditional and contemporary art. Raised in Brooklyn and currently residing on Long Island, her artistic journey began at age 3, leading to a scholarship at the Brooklyn Museum by age 6.
With a BA from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Gutierrez has gained recognition in publications like Newsday, and The Timber Journal, and is featured in the book ‘Salvi Yorkers.’

Artwork: Luna y Sol, 2021 by Sueey Gutierrez
20 x 24 inches Acrylic and Gold Leaf 18k Pen on Oval Canvas

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