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Shell Word Cloud by Beau Bree Rhee

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions15 × 14 × 3 in

Beau Bree Rhee




India Ink, gouache, graphite and pigment on paper


14 x 11 inches


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About the work

Beau Bree Rhee is a visual artist & choreographer based in New York. Her work is based in drawing, dance, and ecology. She is interested in creating relationships between body space, the senses, and the environment. Her work primarily takes the forms of drawing and performance, but additionally scents, installations, text/poems, and scores.

“The ink form is a shell shape, drawn from an actual shell. During the residency, I learned native words from the Natick Dictionary. I wanted these words and sounds (now learned through the translation to the Roman alphabet) to also convey the complexity, the jumble, the beauty, the rage and pain of censorship, but also the we-are-still-here survivalist strength and freshness of these words. Here are the words represented in this drawing:

Keteau – he is alive, he lives, is quick, implying the possession of vital energy or of animation p35

Keihtoh – the ocean, the sea p32

Papashpe – shines through the cloud, it breaks through p117

Muhhog – the body p67

Nux – yea, yes, verily p99

Menwee – the navel p56”

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