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Untitled (from Menwee series) by Beau Bree Rhee


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About the work

Les Parages is themed around the power of this land, and aims to honor its inherent sublimity as well as its resilience to colonialism and future potentialities. Parages has multiple meanings: in French the word can mean ‘shoreline’ or a ‘general spatial vicinity around a site’ (dans les parages) while in English it means an ‘equality of condition or dignity’. In the artist’s work, elements like soil or shells are considered as precious biomaterials, fundamental forces to sustaining life.

Beau Bree Rhee is a visual artist & choreographer based in New York. Her work is based in drawing, dance and ecology. She is interested in creating relationships between body-space, the senses, and the environment. Her work primarily takes the forms of drawing and performance, but additionally scents, installations, text/poems and scores.

Artwork: Untitled (from Menwee series), 2021 by Beau Bree Rhee
11 x 14 inchesIndia ink, gouache, oil pigment, soil pigment from the unsurrendered indigenous land of the Shinnecock Tribe, Wampum pigment on paper.

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