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Words from my Mother by Carolina Yáñez

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About the work

The artist utilizes family writings and photographs in order to trace the artist’s relationship with mental illness. She is the eldest and only daughter in her immediate family which forced her into certain expectations within her Latino, fairly traditional household. She pairs old archives from her maternal side with her own image making and writings to navigate her mental struggles and make sense of her family history and upbringing. Her work relates to ‘Reclamation’ by portraying her personal obstacles with immigrant guilt and generational trauma caused by immigration, and a cultural stigma surrounding mental illness in Latine communities.

Carolina Yáñez is a Tejana artist from Austin, Texas, and has lived in Houston and Dallas to further discover her place in the state of Texas. She is working with photography, sculpture, and fiber to explore ideas regarding Tejano culture and politics, history, place, gender issues, mental illness and how they all intersect in her identity. Yáñez received her BFA from the University of Houston in 2023 and currently attends Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas on the Meadows Artistic Scholarship, pursuing an MFA in Studio Art. She has shown work across Texas such as the Latino Cultural Center, Mexic-Arte Museum, The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts, Sawyer Yards, La Mecha Contemporary, the Lawndale Art and Performance Center, and the Houston Center for Photography.

Artwork: Words from my Mother, 2023 by Carolina Yáñez
8 x 8 inches Cyanotype on pre-dyed fabric

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